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Our first in a series of round table discussions

We are really excited to announce that StoreBoost, in partnership with New Digital Age, will be running a programme of round table sessions at our lovely 26 Britton Street studio. The ambition for this discussion series is to get industry players to discuss what is really happening in the cross section of real-time data, retail, digital OOH, programmatic buying and brand versus performance. Hopefully some lively debate!


The first in the series is titled: “Can programmatic DOOH keep our shops busy?"


The roundtable will be recorded for distribution in March and we would love to receive questions for the panel in advance. So if you have a question or theme you would like the panel to debate please send in!


Some of themes we will be discussing are; 

- Retail Media is exploding - what are the drivers and expectations?

- Is programmatic DOOH an opportunity for retail media campaigns when used in proximity to physical retail?

- Where can dynamic creative make the difference to advertising effectiveness?

- Are we still stuck in the innovation box with programmatic DOOH and dynamic creative? 

Send in your question for the panel

Thanks for submitting!

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